serves as the default IP address for home broadband routers, enabling you to manage your wireless router panel. Accessing the administration panel allows you to alter the configurations related to the router. As is a private IPv4 network address, you cannot use the address from outside your home network. You have no option but to use the router’s public IP address.

How can I access

  1. To access the IP address, you need to type manually on the address bar of the browser or copy-paste the IP

  2. A login panel will show up. Enter your credentials. If you don’t have them you can consult those for your router in this article. You can also learn how to recover your password if you lost it.

  3. You can use to change the settings in the administrative panel. Routers can be desirably configured to make some machines on a private network connect to the Internet.

How can I find the password?

The default password for is set and it can be easily found in our article about router passwords. However, if you have been in hurry and enter the wrong password, what you need to do is to reset it. All devices have tiny button that you need to press for 15 odd minutes using a needle. It will reset the modem and you can enter the password again. is set to the default of various routers and access points. In fact, any on a router or local network can be set to use This helps in avoiding the address conflict as a device would use it only on the network.

Default Router Username and Password List

Check any router's username and password from the list.