If you are using the IP address, take note that it is false. The right IP address is You would usually use for a router or alternative network entree device on the networks is usually put in at Alternative hosts within the area would use higher numbers.
Modern devices regard the ip address as fully authorised. Once you log in to the administration panel of the router, all the operations offered by the software can be performed. Adjustments that can be made include LAN, WAN, WLAN settings, IP Qos, DNS, Proxy, DSL, ADSL, MAC, WPS, security options, etc. You can do network management and make adjustments such as blocking. Internet connection can be managed with ease, from home, school, or a café.

How can I enter the address of
To get access to the control panel of your wireless router operation, you need to enter this address into your browser URL address. You will then be prompted to enter your username and your password.

What if I forget my username and password?
In event of forgetting your password, you need to reset your wireless router or ADSL modem. You can find the default passwords for default wireless routers or ADSL modems in this article about router passwords. If you still can’t find it, you can reset your router. Modern routers and modems have a hidden reset button that you need to press with a toothpick for 15 odd seconds. It would reset the modem to factory settings.


When undergoing the resetting process, you might lose your connection. If you are still unsure how to handle the process, it would be appropriate to look up your specific router's manual guide.