is a class A ip address used by router factories as the default gateway address of their routers. This IP address can be used to setup your own network, but it must be unique in its own local area network

How to login to a router using

  1. Open your browser and type in in the URL address bar, and press Enter button.

  2. The management console will appear on the screen. Enter your usernameandpassword here. If you do not know where to find this information, it is generally marked at back of the router. If you still are having troubles finding your password visit our list of default router passwords.

  3. Select the Network section on your menu display.

  4. Dial-up/DSL or other methods can be used for setting up the network. Feed in username and password you have got from the network provider.

  5. Google provides the DNS

Default Router Username and Password List

Check any router's username and password from the list.

Can't connect to

This IP address represents the local side of a wireless access point connection to the Internet. Once the client devices join LAN (local area network), the address would appear in their TCP/IP network gateway settings. You can use the ping utility to find if any device on the local network is actively using issues are:

  • Incorrect device address assignment and unresponsive gateway device. This is the case when your router uses another IP address. You can find your router's IP gateway here.

  • Incorrect client address assignment. On WI-Fi networks, clients connect to the gateway through the network name (SSID), and the necessary IP address settings are applied to the client automatically. Most other networks also depend on automated client address assignment. Glitches in this process are uncommon but can cause a client’s gateway settings to be corrupted or lost.